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Occupational Therapy

You've asked for it; now it's here!! We can now provide you with the most current and evidence-based treatment in the field of Occupational Therapy!


Occupational therapy, sometimes known as OT, is a dynamic field that can cater to a wide range of client requirements. Children's activities, such as playing, learning, and socializing with friends, are necessary skills so that their transition into adulthood becomes a path to an independent and rewarding life. 


The purpose of occupational therapy is to enhance a patient's ability to conduct activities of daily life, such as taking care of oneself, participating in recreational activities, or doing well in school or on academic assignments. In addition, occupational therapists focus on improving abilities such as eye-hand coordination, fine motor development, sensory processing, motor planning, and visual motor skills, to name a few, to boost patients' overall performance in the domains mentioned above.


Our therapists are highly trained and can help with the following:

*Handwriting (visual-motor skills, awkward grip style)

*Difficulty dressing, shoe tying, zippering, buttoning.

*Poor dexterity or coordination

*Ability to pay attention, concentrate, plan, and manage time

*Sensitivities to touch, sound, movement, and smell 

*Problems with personal hygiene (such as taking a bath or cutting one's hair) and clothing preferences

*Avoiding physical activity, everyday experiences, and play

*Limited food preferences

*Sleep and eating patterns

*Eating and feeding- SOS and sensory-motor feeding approaches

*Avoidance of some settings (public bathrooms, malls, gymnasiums, etc.)

*Participation in social and work gatherings

*Easily upset feelings

*Exhibiting hostile behavior toward oneself and others

*Increasing age-appropriate play skills with peers and siblings

*Completion of daily activities, routines, and roles

*Organization and planning skills

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